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About New Life

In recent years the availability and use of drugs and alcohol has increased exponentially. The only way to reducing the effect of these mind and mod altering substances inpersonal and social structure is to reduce abusing and addiction through drug preventive education and taking a step away from addictive substances.
We work as a research base to develop more efficient treatment structure for every individual regardless their social structure, gender, age, choice of drugs and education.


Alcohol Deaddiction


Drugs Deaddiction

Our mission

The New life Deaddiction treatment program is basically based on PMS healing (physical, mental and spiritual ) , 12 step treatment therapies, evidence based treatmentmodule and inputs provided by many recovering addicts worldwide.

Our vision

We as an Institution are working in the field of Drug De addiction for more than one decade. Our utmost priority is to help addicts through our innovative and provenmodel of treatment.
We care for those who does not care for themselves, Socialization of an individual is the core ethics of our treatment. We focus our attention onholistic and sustainable changes and to offer a workable solution to individual and their families.

Our story

Since last 15 years New Life has been open to those who desire to free themselves from the clutches of addiction to live a drug free and successful life. An individual can only be brought back from the false ideology of not being able to stop only by knowing the reason of his or her starting to use.


Physical detox is the primary solution to the issue. Daily routine, yoga and exercise replenishes our bod towards positive attitude.


Positive mental state obtained by meditation and counselling sessions helps in positive thinking and increased mental functioning.


Knowing self and self inventory is final part to obtain positive lifestyle. reclaiming their lives back.

Restoring Lives….  Healing Addiction….


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